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01 October 2015

Accelerate dividends in 2015/16

on Thursday, 01 October 2015.

Following on from this month’s Tax News article about the changes to dividend taxation from April 2016 there may be some merit in paying extra dividends in 2015/16.

In this month’s Tax Tip we take a look at the tax implications of paying extra dividends in 2015/16, before the new dividend tax arrives.

01 September 2015

Mitigate inheritance tax by creating a fund for family maintenance

on Tuesday, 01 September 2015.

Expenditure incurred for the maintenance of an individual’s family during their lifetime is exempt for Inheritance Tax purposes.

In this month’s Tax Tip we take a look at the potential Inheritance Tax saving available by creating a fund for family maintenance.

30 June 2015

Gain greater dividend flexibility by not having a 31 March year end

on Tuesday, 30 June 2015.

Many limited companies choose 31 March as their year end to tie in with the tax year, but selecting a different year end date offers more dividend flexibility.

In this month’s Tax Tip we take a look at the advantages of spreading dividends across more than one tax year by not having a 31 March year end.

28 May 2015

Use VAT bad debt relief for slow paying customers

on Thursday, 28 May 2015.

For VAT purposes it is possible to claim bad debt relief once a debt is over 6 months overdue, even if you are still pursuing the customer for payment.

In this month’s Tax Tip we look at the VAT bad debt relief rules and how these can be used to minimise the cash flow impact of slow paying customers.

07 May 2015

Rent out your buy to let property via your company to save VAT & Tax

on Thursday, 07 May 2015.

Renting out a residential property is an exempt supply for VAT purposes and therefore it isn’t usually possible to recover VAT on associated expenses.

In this month’s Tax Tip we look at how renting out your property via your company could allow VAT to be recovered and could also save tax too.
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