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20 November 2014

When is a car a pool car?

on Thursday, 20 November 2014.

With company car tax becoming increasingly expensive, we are often asked if this can be avoided by running a pool car instead.

This month's Q&A explores the tax and VAT benefits of running a pool car, and the strict qualifying conditions you'll need to meet.

20 November 2014

What is the self-build VAT scheme?

on Thursday, 20 November 2014.

Ever thought of building your own house? Or converting a building into a home? If you do then specific VAT rules allow you to reclaim the VAT on many of the building costs.

This month's Q&A explores how the DIY housebuilders scheme works, how a claim is made, and which costs VAT can be reclaimed on.

06 October 2014

What are the tax implications of company private medical insurance

on Monday, 06 October 2014.

Company owners often ask me about the tax implications if their company takes out private medical insurance for them or if they would be better to pay for it personally.

This month's Q&A explores how benefits in kind are taxed and sets out my advice on why business owners will often be better to pay such costs personally.

28 May 2014

Can i reclaim any VAT on my business mileage?

on Wednesday, 28 May 2014.

It is often more tax efficient to keep your car outside of the business and to instead make a claim for your business mileage. But can the business reclaim any VAT on the mileage payments?

This month's Q&A looks at how VAT can be reclaimed on the fuel element of the 45p/25p per mile, how to calculate it, and what paperwork you need to keep

08 May 2014

Can i claim back VAT on entertaining costs?

on Thursday, 08 May 2014.

The question of whether VAT can be reclaimed on business entertainment comes up regularly and often crops up during a VAT inspection.

This month's Q&A looks at the rules relating to reclaiming input VAT on entertainment costs and sets out the situations where VAT can be reclaimed.
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